Yahoo! Organic Search Results Now Powered By Bing

As you may have heard, the Bing algorithm is now powering Yahoo! organic search results in North America. To see for yourself, go to and perform a basic web search. Once you are redirected to the search results page, scroll to the bottom and voila! - Powered by Bing™.


Excerpt from the Yahoo! blog: "Yahoo! Web, Image, and Video search experiences on both desktop and mobile devices are now powered by the Microsoft platform in the US and Canada (English)."

So what does this mean to you? Well, it depends. Some marketers are excited, because their rankings in Bing are much higher than the same keyword phrase was in Yahoo!. Other marketers are expecting a decline in performance, as measured by rankings and traffic.

It is important that you continue to monitor your KPIs in Yahoo! to see how the Bing change may impact your performance heading into Q4.