Real-Time Web Analytics

Web analytics programs are an important part of managing a website. They are a powerful tool that can aid in marketing, design and usability. We recently tried out a new analytics tool at Brunello called Woopra.

What makes Woopra Different?

There are numerous web analytics programs out there, but none of them offer real-time information. This is what makes Woopra stand out. Check out this video of live visitors from all over the world visiting a site with Woopra installed:

Tag and track users

Woopra also allows you to easily identify and tag users. This feature allows you to track and learn how loyal users browse and use your website. Woopra also has a notification function that can alert you when a user visits a page, or can alert you by a type of user.

Searchable analytics data

Woopra allows you to search for specific user names, IP addresses, geographic locations, user browsing data, visitor history, visitor paths, arrival and departure points.

Chat with your users

Yes thats right, Woopra allows you to engage in real-time chat with your users. The chat function would be helpful for E-commerce websites with customer service. Chating would be a great way to collect user feedback and answer any questions users have while navigating a site.

Easy to use interface

The Woopra interface is easy to use and understand right out of the box. The home screen displays almost everything you need. The tab navigation at the top of the program allow you to easily manage analytics for several websites. I should also note that Woopra is a program that you download - so theres no lag in waiting for a webpage to load your analytics data.

The only downside...

Woopra is great, but it's currently in private beta. We were lucky enough to get our site approved. You can still sign up and get on the waiting list - it's worth it!