7 Digital Marketing Trends For Your Business.

Digital marketing is the process of engaging customers though the devices they use to connect to the internet. It is anytime when customers are engaged with online advertising though devices such as smart phones, web browsers, and gaming consoles. Digital marketing will benefit your brand and being aware of trends will keep you ahead of your competitiors.

1. Location Services

LBS (Location based service) is an  information and entertainment service that is accessible through mobile devices by utilizing the geographical location of the device. As location based services continue to pick up steam it is wise to integrate their benefits into your marketing plan. These services benefit your business, existing and new customers. Benefits include:

  • Deals - Companies should make it compelling for check ins to their business. This is a great way to gain new customers as well as a loyal following.
  • Tips/Photos - Location based services often times have a tips/photo feature. People love reading real reviews from real people. Photo sharing enables people to get a feel for an establishment before they enter.
  • Sharing - Through facebook's location functionality a person is able to see where their friends are and have been and since they are likely to trust that person, they too may likely visit your business.
  • Fun - gamification of these location services makes checking into places all the more fun. Earning badges, awards and points keeps people engaged and interested.

2. New Ad Formats

New ad formats have been introduced that are proven to keep seemingly "unwanted" ads to a minimum for the viewer. There are more video ads that viewers have the option of skipping.

Another alternative format, known as "in image ads", are imbedded in the video the viewer chose to watch. These "banner blindness" ads are increasingly popular in web usability where visitors consciously or subconsciously ignore the banner-like ad. This means that because of the ad placement and size, viewers may or may not even notice the ad. If they do see it they have the option of closing it out.

3. User Generated Curation

The benefit of UGC is that it gives a chance for consumers to curate their feeds to suit their interests while allowing for brand exposure and exposure to products they may otherwise never see in a particular store or business. Some user generated apps include Foodspotting and Pinterest.

4. Integrated Marketing

Integrating marketing encompasses all marketing elements that work together to create a seamless experience.  Rather than treating each marketing component separately, an integrated approach involves a cohesive strategy. Since most businesses reach customers in a variety of ways, it makes sense to deliver all marketing materials in coordinated way.

Research shows that 72% of customers want be engaged through an integrated marketing approach and a staggering 85% want an integrated shopping experience.  That means shopping experiences in stores should be the same as on the website and as on the mobile site. So, for e-commerce website design it is crucial that every element works in tandem and seamlessly.

5. Influencer Management

Who is an influencer? An influencer can be anyone - even you. Marketing through influencers will continue to be an effective trend. It is a powerful way to enhance your brand and brand image. An influencer will exercise their influence over an organization and potential customers.  This is a beneficial tactic as your company will reach new audiences through the influencers enthusiasm about your brand.

6. Cross Channel Keyword Optimization

To implement any cross channel keyword optimization means to incorporate relevant keywords in more of your content. You can take an integrated approach in placing keywords in various materials. Marketers are integrating keywords not only on specific website pages but also in other marketing materials. These often include downloads, tweets, whitepapers, press releases and the obvious arena of blog posts.

7. Security and Privacy

Customer security and privacy continues to be an issue of top priority. Marketers should be ultra sensitive to the privacy concerns of customers. People want to know how their personal info is being managed and handled. If you provide them with superior knowledge and control of their data you will earn their trust. Surprisingly companies fail to take the security needs of their customers into consideration. Don't be one of those businesses!

In an increasingly connected world, one where more and more people are spending large amounts of time online, knowing the digital marketing trends is crucial in staying ahead of your competitors. You can achieve a loyal following and consumer base by implementing an integrated marketing approach, ensuring security, and encouraging user generated content.