E Commerce Website Design Tips and Ideas.

When designing E commerce websites, the perspective of the customer should be at the front of every design decision made. A poorly designed and hard to navigate site could end up costing you some serious sales and future business. Ask yourself some important questions: do you think your visitors are comfortable and can easily navigate your site? Can they find what they need in a reasonable time? Is the site secure so that customers feel comfortable providing their information? It may be time to consult an E commerce web design service if you answered no to any of these questions. But until you do, here are some E commerce website design tips to get you thinking about how you can create the best user experience possible!

Create the best user experience

The fundamentals of effective eCommerce design begins with the intention of creating the best user experience possible. The experience of effortlessness for visitors is a timeless tip. You can achieve the best user experience in many ways and below are some great ideas and tips for your site.

Create a simple navigation

Use the "three click rule" of website development. Customers should be able to find what they are looking for in three clicks or less. Otherwise, they may find your site too difficult to navigate and go elsewhere. Make the navigation simple so customers have quick and easy access to all products.

Make sure pages are uncluttered

Make your site easy to navigate by keeping your inventory/services uncluttered. You can do this by using tabs, appropriating categories and a implementing a search bar.  This way visitors can find what they want quickly without having to click through a bunch of pages. This also helps keep your sites navigation within the "three click rule".

Implement a search bar

Always include a search bar on any E commerce website. Although a search bar is more of a web development function rather than a design function, a user must be able to search for products on your site based on their names. This is the easiest way a person can find what they're looking for without having to click through several pages.

Create the perfect product page

Your product page should make a positive impression within the first three seconds a person sees it. This is also called the "blink test". This means that your business needs a perfectly designed product page or else the visitor will hit the back button if they don't like what they see within their first blink.

The product page should include these three things:

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Buy Now Button

Your product page should also:

  • Be easy to read
  • Instantly tell visitor what products are sold
  • Use concise copy

Learn how to create a landing page (also known as your product page) that will decrease bounce rates and ultimately improve your conversion rate - these are landing page best practices you can't afford to miss!

Be Unique

Someone has found your site, now keep them there and close the sale! Identify your unique selling position and use it to capture the visitor. Clearly define your products, elude to why someone should choose your products over the competitor, and why they can't live without what you offer. Write unique, compelling product descriptions, and encourage user reviews. This way your website can get all the SEO benefits while also appealing to buyers who may be on the fence.

It is also important that the design of the site is as unique as possible. It's easy to use the general design formula for E commerce websites, but don't fall into that trap! Hire a website design agency that will understand your needs, goals, and brand to design your site. They'll be able to design a branded site for you that emphasizes the elements that need the most attention while ensuring that related items are grouped together in a well organized design.

Meaningful content and interactions

Now, no matter how effortless the experience, users will not be drawn to a site unless
it offers them products, content, or features that help them do or get something meaningful. Create content about your product or services that is meaningful and beneficial to the customer. Don't just merely provide product pictures with a meaningless blurb. Wow them with the content on your site.

Good persuasion and call to actions

Not every person that visits a site is ready to make a purchase right then and there. There are some people who may be in the research phase before making their decision. Engage this group of people by helping them that will eventually turn them into buyers. Do this through promoting the latest trends and by displaying your top selling products or services. Through some good persuasion and perfectly crafted calls to action, they may be ready and willing to buy the next time they come to your site.

Make sure shopping cart is visible

A visible shopping cart is a great way to avoid customer frustration. If a customer can see how many items they have in their cart and how much they've spent they are less likely to forget an item. This helps to ensure a smooth and easy checkout.

Promote other products

A great way to ensure a customer has access to anything they may want, design the page to promote other products and services. If your business offers SEO services, find a way to integrate your companies website development service into the offer.

Use secure pages

Identity theft is a huge concern for online customers, so it is crucial that secure pages are implemented for the entire eCommerce website. Any page where a customer is asked to input information should be secure. You want them to feel comfortable handing over their information because if they don't, don't expect them to make any purchases.

Now that you are armed with these tips and ideas, you know exactly what you need to hire a web design agency that will help you with your business goals.  Your newly designed eCommerece website will give the user the best possible experience from start to finish!