Tips for Better Social Media Calls to Action

Social media calls to action really work. Direct calls to action on social media profiles have a high click rate and are a great way to drive people to take certain actions. There are different calls to action to use for all the different social media sites. It is important to integrate the right calls to action into your social media campaign.

Here are the steps to take:

  • Determine what you want your prospects to do. Your CTA's should encourage your audience to engage further with you. Make them an offer that they will be interested in.
  • Motivate them to take action. Create a sense of "take action now!" to your audience. You're competing against a lot of noise on social media sites and your biggest challenge will be finding a way to overcome this noise. Give them a one time offer that they simply cannot pass up.
  • Optimize your calls to action. This is an important aspect of your overall success. Make sure CTA's are optimized to be relevant, that they stand out, and are placed in order of importance. Read more about calls to action and design tips.
  • Make sure your landing pages and calls to action are consistent and reflect one another. In other words; show continuity.


  • Ask for a download. Give people a clear direction and incentive to click. Have a new product or whitepaper that's ready for download? Here's your perfect opportunity to implement some social CTAs and boost those download numbers.
  • Ask for a retweet. Tip: Spell out the word Retweet instead of using the short RT. Ask people to retweet in order for their entry into a contest.
  • Ask for a follow. Reach new audiences on Twitter by simply asking for a follow. Provide incentive for a follow such as prizes or promoting a contest.
  • Ask for a reply. Use a conversational tone and ask for a reply or an opinion at the end of your Tweets. This helps boost engagement and also gives you some additional consumer insight.


  • Use cover photo. Use it to promote a website, promote external content (such as whitepapers, ebooks, or infographics), or use the cover photo as an opportunity to promote a certain tab on your Facebook page. Using cover photos as CTAs is a great way to generate more Facebook leads, promote more content for your customers, and helps to improve conversations around what it is you are promoting.


Drive more likes to blog. Drive more likes, comments and shares to your blog by mentioning those exact keywords in your posts! You could also prompt a blog post reader to share your article on their social profiles. Try this - "If you enjoyed this post, take a second to share it with your friends on Facebook!". Sometimes it's as simple as that.

As you are formulating your call to actions keep a few things in mind:

  • Make your action obvious
  • Use powerful words to prompt your followers
  • Keep it short and sweet

Social call to actions are a great way to drive a wider audience to participate in certain campaigns. You'll need to tailer each call to action for each profile and for your target audience. Implementing CTAs can help drive more likes to your blog, get more follower participation in a new campaign or contest, and can boost your overall social media strategy.