The New Brunello Logo

When Brunello Creative first opened its doors in 2006, we were a small, traditional graphic design agency. Since then, we have expanded our size, skills and services, and we've shifted our focus to the digital marketplace by offering: strategy, consulting, design, front and back-end development, application design and development, SEM, SEO, PPC, analytics, and more.

This year, we decided it was time to update our brand to reflect the agency we've become, and this included a fresh new logo to better represent our agency.

We are now simply "Brunello". We are eliminating the word "creative" from our name. (We do much more than just creative these days.)

In addition to the naming, we needed to evolve our logo to better reflect our maturing identity and values.

Our previous logo was set in a serif type face and included an icon/symbol that we referred to as the "burst". After 8 years, it was starting to feel dated.

(old logo)

Our new logo is based on a heavily modified version of the sans-serif font Aller.

Here are just a few of the ideas and principles that inspired our new logo.

Simple vs. Decorative

In everything we do, we aim to produce clean, simple solutions. In design, simple and clean solutions are superior to those that are ornate, overly decorative or superficial. This is reflected in the sans-serif typeface used in our new logo.

Flexible vs. Rigid

Our team is flexible, adaptive, fluid and responsive, and so are the websites we design and build. We think it's better to be flexible vs. stiff and rigid. This is conveyed in our logo by the subtle curves of the letters and precise rounded corners.

Open vs. Closed

We like open source technologies and open-minded thinking. Open is always better than closed when it comes to ideas, relationships and code. This value is represented by the breaks in the B, e and o.

We're thrilled with our new logo and think it accurately represents our agency, people and work and we can't wait to see where the next ten years will take us.

(new logo)

Check out some of the other ways we've been getting our new logo out there -- t-shirts, stickers, 3D printing, and more.

Watch a timelapse video of our old logo coming down and getting replaced with the new Brunello logo on our front windows.