Tuning up Your Social Media Accounts

It can be safe to say that a great deal of time went into the creation and implementation of your business social media accounts.  Even more time has probably been spent monitoring your efforts, outreaching new and potential clients and creating new content each day.  You may be thinking that you've done all you can for your accounts and you may think they have gotten a little stale.  Here we'll provide you with a few ways in which you can tune up your social media accounts and give them a breath of fresh air.


1. Keep your Facebook Business Page inviting - put time into creating an engaging environment for your fans.

2. Go through apps. Clean out the unused and determine which apps and activities would best supplement your brand. What worked in 2008 may no longer be relevant.

3. Browse through your page as if you were your own customer.  Take down anything you wouldn't want to see on your favorite companies site.


1. Accurately Fill out Bio and use non-diminutive words such as "expert" or "guru".

2. Make sure you've established a casual atmosphere on your Twitter account.  Delete any tweets that aren't personable or informal.

3. Tweet links to your landing pages, blog posts and start promoting new tools and apps.

For both Twitter and Facebook, look to see what you have done and find something you haven't already tried. Switch up the look of your Facebook page by making new custom tabs. Make sure your Twitter bio is still accurate and unfollow any irrelevant Tweeple!