5 Content Ideas Proven to Engage Audiences

There are many challenges that content marketers face. One of biggest challenges that applies to not only marketers but also to business owners, is the ability to constantly produce the kind of content people will find engaging. In addition, the ability to constantly create engaging and thoughtful blog posts can be extremely difficult. The benefits of blogging are too high to count, but a blog is an essential platform to use in order to increase web traffic, improve search rank, generate leads, and gain credibility.

Here are 5 easy content ideas that you can use to keep the content flowing and amp up your blog.


Posts that clearly lay out a number of tips and strategies are loved by both bloggers and readers. They are easy to write and easy to read. Customers typically do not have a lot of time to read through dense blog posts. A numbered lists allows for the content to be read quickly and to be easily absorbed.

How: Highlight a "10 best", "top 10", "10 greatest" etc., in your industry to encourage readership.


Developing a blog post around a news story or industry trend is a guaranteed way to engage your audience. Not only will they be engaged in your post, but you will further prove that you are on top of industry news and trends, boosting your credibility. News and trend reports are never ending, providing endless content ideas.

How: Use Google Alerts to research a current trending topic in your industry and tie it to your brand message.

Guest Posts

Enlisting a guest blogger to write for your blog is a great way to add value and expert opinion. Guest blogging helps to build relationships, can capture a wider audience, and can help with linkbuilding. You can choose to keep the guest bloggers within your company or you can extend outside of your company into your industry.

Tip: SeoMoz provides an excellent guide to guest blogging. In it contents you'll find which sites offer guest posts (should YOU ever decide to write one!), things you should pay attention to, guest blogging mistakes to avoid, prerequisites, and keys to producing truly unique and original content.


Interviewing community leaders, customers, or industry influencers will bring fresh perspectives to your blog. You can further validate your business to new customers by providing reviews and perspectives from past customers.

How: Conduct interviews via email. Send them the questions and format their response as a blog post.

Answer Questions

Answering a common question about your industry, circles around your blog, or that you just happen to come across often is a great idea for content. Answers to any question provides great value. You can use this as an opportunity to shed some light on various topics. This type of content benefits new and returning readers and will keep them coming back to your blog in the hopes of finding out answers to future questions or concerns.

How: Often times readers will leave questions in blog post comments or send them via social media. Answer the most common question or the most intriguing for a start.

In addition to these rather broad content ideas, use these 8 resources to help you find social media and blogging content. Write blog posts with your readers in mind and keep them coming back for more by delivering clear, concise, valuable and engaging content!