A Consistent Logo = A Happy Brand

So you've got your logo. Now what? If you don't know how to use it, it may as well not even be there. Your designer created your logo in a specific way for a reason. Don't mess with it! Here are a few helpful tips, or more like, what not to do.

Never change the colors of your logo.


Your designer should provide you with a list of specific colors that are acceptable for use with the logo. Ask your designer to provide you with various versions of the logo. One to use on a dark background, one for a light back- ground. It is also good to have an all black and all white version on hand for when color printing is not available.

Don't switch colors.


If your logo is comprised of multiple colors, don' t interchange colors between different elements of the logo.

Don't change the typeface.


The typeface that your logo is designed in plays a large role in customer recognition. You should never attempt to recreate the logo by simply typing it out. If you do not display the logo consistently every time, it can make your brand look sloppy and careless.

Don't rearrange the logo.


You should never change the relation of different elements of the logo by moving them around or rotating them in strange ways.

Don't delete logo elements!

starbucks - lacoste

Often, logos are made up of different elements. Sometimes it may be tempting to take away certain elements, but by doing so, you compromise the effectiveness and consistence of the logo. In some cases, a graphic element from the logo may be used by itself, but the boundaries of this should be gone over with your designer

No Resizing.


Don't skew, stretch, distort or compress the logo in any way. If you need to resize the logo, everything should stay in proportion.