7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A CMS

Static websites are a convention of the past. With the wide variety of content management systems available to web designers today, website owners have no excuse but to jump on the bandwagon. We have come up with 7 reasons why you should be using a CMS.

  • Easy to use

If you can write an email, then you can use a CMS to edit your website. Most CMS's have a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get ) visual editor that lets you write and format text and images right within your browser window.

  • Editing at your convenience

There's no software to install! Most CMS administration tools are accessible via a web browser. This means that you can log in and edit your website wherever you have an internet connection.

  • No update or maintenance fees

With a CMS you don't need to pay a web designer to do routine text updates to a site - Just log in and edit to your hearts content.

  • Multiple users/authors

Do you have a whole team of people that need to edit and publish to your website? A CMS would make this task much easier, instead of placing all the work on the desk of the webmaster.

  • Database driven content

Content management systems store content in a database which makes it easy to manage, add content, and make backups.

  • Better search engine rankings

Using a CMS will enable to you update your website more frequently, which will help you achieve higher search engine rankings. This could translate into more visitors and more business.

  • Scalability

Using a CMS makes it much easier for your website to scale as your company grows. Since pages are not hard coded, a CMS would make it easier to manage and update hundreds or even thousands of pages