It’s Time For A New Browser

Did you know that you have other options? Internet explorer is not the only browser in the market. Learn more about the differences between 3 popular alternatives and see the internet in a whole new way.


Firefox is another one of the alternatives out there that has great built in features like tabbed browsing and pop up blockers. Many designers and developers enjoy Firefox because of the available of hundreds of useful add-ons and extensions that expand your browsing preference. Firefox also has great support for web standards.


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If you are using a mac you are most likely a Safari user, but did you know that its also available for PC? Safari is a fast and super easy to use browser with an amazing user interface. Apple claims that Safari is 4x faster than Firefox and 5x faster than opera. So this means less time loading pages and more time enjoying them.


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Opera is yet another Internet Explorer alternative. Opera 9.6 has some great new features like 'speed dial' - which auto completes frequently visited urls, and advanced tab management features. Opera is also working to advance the mobile browser market and is compatible with many of the newer PDA phones.

opera software

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