Social Media Marketing - Tips for a Successful Facebook Fanpage

In our first post in the series, we'll be talking about Facebook Fanpages. Several brands come to mind when thinking of super successful fan pages. These include: Starbucks, Victoria's Secret PINK, and Coca Cola to name a few. How did these fan pages become so popular? The fact that these brands are already widely known and extremely popular is just one of the reasons, but there are many tips and tricks that can be applied to a fanpage to set it apart from the rest. Here are 10 easy steps that can be used to grow the popularity of a Facebook Fanpage.

1. Target Demographic

  • Target the demographic most prominent on Facebook in terms of brand or product.

2. Connect multiple social platforms

  • Connect page to brand website, Twitter or YouTube accounts.  This helps fans experience the brand beyond the fanpage and engages the user in multiple ways.

3. Welcome

  • In the welcome page, provide an overview of what can be offered to people who "like" the page.

4. Create Custom Tabs and Boxes

  • This will set brand page apart from the others.  It will create the look and feel of the brand page.  This helps to keep the brand identity constant, thus fans will have an easier time recognizing it beyond the brand website.
  • One way to create custom tabs and boxes is by using the static FBML application on Facebook.  Basically this application allows for advanced functionality to page.  The app will add a box to the page in which HTML can be rendered for enhanced page customization.  Promotional text and graphics can be added that allow for easy navigation through the fanpage give it the brands look and feel.  This app also allows for the creation of the previously mentioned custom tabs and boxes.  You can also create custom links  that are useful to the fanpage and brand.  These links can be created so that when clicked, they connect directly to the brand or company website.

5. Testimonial Page

  • Draws attention and exemplifies product usage and allows for customer feedback; a huge selling point for some people.

6. Contact Info

  • Add extra info and buttons to enhance the visibility of the contact box.  The addition of other social media buttons also helps in user navigation beyond Facebook.

7. Engage fans with fun activities and contests. Ask for feedback and always inform and entertain fans.

8. Provide fun and varied content

  • Provide articles about the company or brand, how the product works and simple tag lines.

9. Status updates

  • Update status daily.  Don't overdo it! Once a day is sufficient.
  • Always share something new.
  • Don't always try to plug buying the product, or buying into the brand.

10. Exclusive information (secret area)

  • By creating an area that is privy to only those who "like" the page, you can provide exclusive information.  This will entice users to become fans of the brand and give them something extra.  Here you can provide newsletters, tips and tricks, videos or free giveaway information.