Marketing & Web Design - The Psychology of Color

The folks here at Brunello Creative, a Boston design agency, specialize in marketing, website design and development. And whether it's a marketing and branding campaign or an entire website redesign, the usage of color plays a huge roll in developing a brands identity. Use the right color scheme and you'll create an unforgettable brand image and user experience. Use the wrong color scheme and you've just wasted some precious time and resources.

So, while perusing the web, I came across this amazing infograph depicting some aspects of the psychology of color. This illustration is particularly nice because it breaks down the basics of color psychology; how certain colors are often used in advertising, and even where you can benefit from certain color usage in your home.

Color psychology is very intricate and complex so this infographic only covers the basics but it is beautifully laid out and is worth sharing!

psychology of color

Remember - The colors you use in any campaign or site design can greatly effect the success and impact of a brand!

Infograph courtesy of the CertaPro Painters of Louisville.