Boost Conversion Rates Through These Landing Page Fixes

Landing pages are a fundamental and crucial part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. They are the center of your lead generation efforts and every campaign that you implement should be tied to a landing page offer. The sole purpose is to get visitors to perform a specific action such as downloading a whitepaper or signing up for a 30 day trial for a software that a company offers.  Landing pages need to look good in order to perform well and sometimes important copy and design factors are overlooked.

The copy of a landing page can either seal the deal or send prospects running. Design also has an impact on the success of a landing page. Perhaps you already have a landing page and it's performance is less than stellar. If you've made some landing page mistakes, here's what you can do to fix them, as well as some other general fixes. Fix the problem now and you'll be on your way to better conversion rates.

Logo Recognition

Add the logos of some of your better known clients. This helps improve credibility and may as a result improve conversion rates.

User Reviews

Much like logos add a sense of legitimacy, user reviews help the customer in decision making and can ease any concerns. They give confidence to products or services and give the landing page a customer voice which will increase the chance of conversions.

Create a Responsive Site

Don't assume that people do not make purchases on their phones or tablets. People are still increasingly using their mobile devices in favor of a desktop. Make sure your site is accessible to everyone. Responsive design is not just a trend and isn't something to disregard. Responsive design is flexible and will not hurt SEO one bit.

Implement social media call to actions

Direct calls to action on social media profiles have a high click through rate and are a great way to drive people to take certain actions. Integrate the right social media call to actions into your campaign and boost your conversions. There is no better way to share your landing page than through the power of social media share buttons.

Improve your pitch or promise

If you're pitch or promise is coming across in a lackluster way, improve it's punch and delivery. Make it so that people believe there is no better offer than the one that is right in front of them.

Knowing the general structure of a landing page before you begin will save you from a few headaches down the road. Read our post on how to create the ultimate landing page from scratch.


Design - Make sure the landing page is designed with one goal in mind. It's important that it moves the visitor to take a desired action. Design is important. If you use the right placement, colors, whitespace, and font (and test against another option) you will be able to choose the page that better performs.

Headline - The landing page can almost be deemed useless unless it has a believable, obtainable, and beneficial headline. Make sure it keeps the promise of the ad, link or email that brought the visitor to the page.

CTA - Stay away from generic call to actions. Tell the visitor that they're going to get something they want or need by clicking.

Proof - Back up promises with testimonials to prove credibility.

The center of your lead generation efforts revolves around landing pages. When successful they get visitors to turn into leads and customers. Improving and tweaking your landing page can make all the difference in your campaign's success. Tweaking the headline, design, or call to action can help in a way you didn't think possible.