Savvy Email Marketing Tactics for Black Friday

While some people may start their holiday shopping as early as September, many of us don't start until after Thanksgiving.  Known as the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where retailers offer their best deals of the season. In recent years e-commerce sales have stolen some of the spotlight from this day. Much of this is due to the convenience of shopping from home, however email marketing campaigns tailored to this day have helped boost online sales.

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, however due to the amount of emails that are likely to be sent out regarding this shopping holiday, you'll want to make sure that you're campaign stands out. Keep these savvy tactics in mind and your business will be sure to reap the benefits of this extravaganza!

  1. Avoid inbox clutter. You definitely won't be the only one sending out emails regarding Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, so be clever when writing your subject line. You want people to open your emails first so keep it clever, short and to the point!
  2. Make it easy for your audience to HELP you further market your promotions.  Include ways for email recipients to share offers on Facebook or Twitter directly from your email. This helps to increase the reach of special offers but brand awareness as well.
  3. Go mobile.  More and more people are checking emails on their cell phones rather than their computers.  During this busy time of year, your customers are more likely to be out and about and away from a computer, so make sure you're sending mobile-friendly emails to them.
  4. Sell early to loyal customers.  Let your regular customer base know that you plan on giving them first dibs on your sale. Assign a specific link that is only accessible through a certain email. Let them know that you appreciate their past business and that this is a reward.  They will feel special and remain satisfied customers!
  5. Use coupon codes. This is an extremely effective technique that should not be overlooked.  Pair sale items with an email-exclusive discount code. This strategy gives customers a way to plan out their holiday spending.
  6. Link Your Email To Real-Time Inventory.  Link your emails to a real time promotion residing on your website. This allows you to push product X when product Y is sold out. And remember, avoid using common phrases in your HTML that will send your emails straight to the spam folder.
  7. Be different.  Don't be afraid to add a little creative flair to your emails. These shopping events offer the perfect platform to flex not only your marketing muscles but your design muscles as well.  Try adding an animated GIF as a call to action in your campaign.  Also be sure that your brand identity is completely integrated in every aspect of any campaign that you execute.

To ensure your e-commerce website is up to par for this holiday shopping season, be sure to check out our post on E-commerce website design for tips and ideas. Also be sure to check out this handy reverence for varying CSS support.

Having a boost in holiday season sales creates a spike in end of the year revenue. Make sure they feel appreciated and special with the deals they are receiving. Make sure you take the time to create a customize holiday marketing strategy that works for you and for your customers!