10 Ways You're Using Social Media Incorrectly

Marketing, and even social media marketing, is a science.  Using too much of one platform, combining the wrong elements, or abusing formulas could cause your campaign to combust! That being said, there are some definite ways in which you could be using social media incorrectly.

Below is our list of the top 10 ways we often see social media being misused.

1. You're Pushing, not pulling.

When engaging in social media, it is critical to note that traditional forms of marketing don't really apply or work well. Don't push your products or services to your followers. You want to PULL potential consumers to you through conversations not blatant advertising messages.

2. You Expect to be Heard

Just because your profile is public doesn't mean you can treat it as a soap box. When you share freely and openly and engage in a conversation, you are sure to win more respect.

3. You Neglect your Content

It can never be said enough that content is king. Don't neglect to regularly update your blog, status updates, videos, podcasts, whitepapers etc. We've talked before about how google loves regularly updated sites. The reasons are numerous but the important ones to note are:

New links are coming in and new links are going out, helping to improve your search listing.

  • More effective engagement will occur

Readers of your content will likely have something to say and will post comments.  Don't ignore them! Feedback helps give interest to your blog and social profiles.

  • You will Become an asset

People will look to you for valuable information. You will be on your way to becoming  an authority!

4. You're using every. single. network.

Pick the most important and relevant sites for your brand or service. It is impossible to maintain an active presence on every singe network. Do some research and find out where current and potential users of your brand spend their time online and become a part of  those communities.

5. You're reluctant to give up information

You want to have a helpful attitude when engaging online. Give ideas away with no strings attached and it will benefit you in the long run.

6. Incomplete Profiles

These say a lot! Profiles that aren't completely filled out say that you are incapable of completing a simple task and that you are lazy. Your profile is often a first impression so make it count!

7. You Don't Experiment

Sometimes a little risk will come with a great reward. Don't be afraid to experiment with the content you create and they ways in which you deliver the content to your followers.

8. You Act like a robot

Make every message personal. Don't use the same message for every direct message or tweet. People respond better to interactions that seem like they come from a human and not from a brand.

9. Irrelevant messaging

Make sure your messages are always "on-brand".  Viewers of your profiles should be able to instantly tell what you're all about through your status stream or your tweets.

10. You take the "Social" out of Social media.

Remember, social networking is a conversation platform, not an advertising platform.  Speak WITH your connections, not to them!

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