SEO Tips - Three Reasons Why Google Loves Blogs

We've talked about some best practices for beginner bloggers and hopefully you found some good takeaways from that post. In that post, we offered some SEO tips regarding Google and blogs - how they're prefered by Google in many cases. With that being said, it's probably beneficial to know WHY blogs stand out with Google.

The top three reasons Google loves blogs:

1.  Consistency. Google loves consistency, therefore any blog that content is regularly being curated for is going to be rewarded.  Consistency happens to build trust with people, and with that some trust with Google too.  Blogs offer up to date information for clients and readers. These readers and potential clients are likely to come back should the blog be updated regularly with new information.

2.  Comments.  Comments are valued by Google because they offer a sense of community. In the Best Practices post previously mentioned, we state that negative comments are just as valuable as positive comments as they allow for the owner of the blog to solve a problem.  The ability to problem solve is a crucial skill in any job, even in blogging! Open discussions around your dinner table may be frightful, but in your online community they can help boost Google ranks.

3.  Indexing.  According to studies from Google, more than one trillion unique world wide URLS were indexed alone in 2010 and it just so happens that blogs are among the easier URLS to index.  Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index. Also keep in mind that people search online for information that is relative to themselves, and blogs offer this specific/niche information.  So when you tie all these facts in together, blogs have a boosted favor with Google than a static website that may never be updated or only semi-regularly.