5 Ways to Instantly Improve the Quality of Your Marketing Content

High quality content is as equally important to your website as is the design. Truly valuable marketing content addresses your target audiences needs and questions. You will have an easier time laying out your marketing content once you fully understand their needs and what they look to gain from reading your content. Performing regular quality checks and updates may also help improve your search ranking. It's a win win!

1. Implement visuals

Visuals will help improve content in a variety of ways. Enhance your readers experience by breaking up big chunks of content with visual media. Images and videos will grab your readers attention and keep hold of it. Also, visuals will often make content more sharable.

Consider these types of visuals:

  • Memes. An internet meme is a concept that can take the form of an image or video. Hashtag memes on social media to increase their reach.
  • Infographics. These are visual representations of certain statistics, information, data and other similar knowledge. They help audiences absorb sometimes complex information quickly and clearly. There are a number of tools to help you create your own infographics.
  • Photos. Spice up your photos by adding text. Adding text to a photo will help get your message across faster.
  • Videos. Video content can be used to drive awareness, leads and even sales. You can use videos to demonstrate a product, educate audiences, or to position your brand.

Visuals help create your brand identity and foster a deeper connection with your company.

2. Update landing pages

The purpose of landing pages is to lure your audience into navigating further into your site. Make sure your headlines and copy are clear, understandable, and creates interest to grab hold of your visitors. Keep in mind that any tweaks to keywords in your campaigns should also be reflected on your landing pages to further improve content quality.

3. Organize Content

An effective way to organize blog content is to assign each topic a level of difficulty. This will help target specific audiences from beginners to experts and everyone in between. Other ways to organize:

Tags. Tags are keywords and phrases that are associated with your content. Choose tags that quickly show your audience the important concepts in each piece.

Groupings. Reduce clutter though content groupings. Bring similar content together and make it easy for your audience to sort through your topics.

4. Edit and proofread

It may seem obvious, but your content should be edited and proofread before it's published. Content Marketing Institute has put together a comprehensive checklist of things you should do before you publish your content. This checklist is a great guide to use to when making sure your content is completely free of errors.

5. Improve the format

A large and dense looking block of content is definitely unappealing. There are a few ways in which you can help the readers identify the important pieces of information in throughout your content. Content that is properly formatted is easier to absorb and holds the attention of your audience. Here are a few ways that you can improve the format of your content:

  • Use bullet points. Use of bullet points help the important content stand out and absorbed quickly.
  • Use headings (H1, H2, H3). They help break up large sections and tell the reader what each section is about.
  • Highlight important facts. Use bold, italics or underlined text to emphasize important keywords or phrases.

Proper formatting will help make large blocks of content look more appealing, easier to read and boost the chances of it being shared via social media.

The benefits of creating quality content are numerous. Quality content engages visitors, gives the potential for a site to rank higher on search engine results pages, and can generate natural inbound links. There are also numerous ways to improve the quality of your marketing content but the tips provided above can be implemented immediately. Keep your current audience satisfied and attract new visitors by performing regular quality checks!