How to Improve SEO Through Content

Your SEO strategies and your content marketing strategies need to work seamlessly together in order to achieve the optimum results.  If you're looking for the key to expanding your reach online, you need to implement the right keywords (part of your SEO strategy) into meaningful, useful content (part of your content marketing strategy) for success.  In order to help you gain visibility through your content marking, we have outlined the most important steps to take!

1. Choose the right search phrases

Research the phrases people are using to find businesses and products similar to your own. Google's AdWords tool is an excellent resource to use to target your audience. Develop your content around these words and phrases that you find.

2. Make the content worth linking to

Create content that stands out.  It is reported that users typically spend less than one minute on any given web page, so it is important that your content can be easily consumed in less than a minute.

It is recommended that content is broken up into short sections so that it is easier to read for your visitors. You can easily place keywords into headers and subheaders which is great for search engines.

Content that is worth linking to will generate more inbound links, which are a key factor in SEO visibility. Inbound links are often thought of as votes, the more votes you have coming in, your site will gain more credibility!

3. Optimize your online marketing content and create back-links

Optimizing your content for search is vital to a successful SEO strategy. Use the proper keywords and meta tags throughout the content.

The more backlinks that direct to your content, the more search engines will recognize it. To increase the number of backlinks to your site, begin by responding and leaving comments in relevant articles, posts and forums with a link back to your own website or blog. Be cautious of the way you comment and link back to your site, as to ensure it doesn't come off as spam.

4. Make Content Social

Promote your content! This may be an obvious step to some, but it's always worth mentioning. Try implementing some new ways to promote your latest content. You can do this by changing the delivery of the messages.  Make all your content shareable. When someone shares your content this will automatically create a back-link to your website.

Take a look at the infographic below from the folks at Brafton. It delves deeper into why content is important for SEO. Use the ideas found here and you can improve SEO though content curation!