Drupal Website Design & Relaunch: Oldwayspt.org

Brunello recently launched a new site for Oldways Preservation Trust, a Boston-based non-profit. You're probably familiar with some of Oldways programs including the Mediterranean Diet food Pyramid, Whole Grains labeling, and the Oldways Nutrition Exchange. Their influence on food and diet is worldwide and their mission is to help everyone live longer and healthier lives.

Welcome to the new, improved, fully redesigned Oldwayspt.org!

The new site features a variety of information, and a multitude of materials and resources for individuals who are interested in looking to the past for dietary and nutritional guidance. Over the course of a year Brunello worked with the Oldways leadership team to help refine their visual brand online and create a more user-friendly website experience. The back end web development uses a Drupal CMS that was customized to fit the needs of Oldways, and would also exceed the expectations of a diverse audience. The Drupal content management system was a perfect fit for storing the vast variety of content and information on the Oldways site.

The legacy site had a firm and prominent position within the search engines, however very little effort was invested in search engine optimization. This proved to be both a challenge and an opportunity. The team at Brunello devised a plan which would retain SEO value in the legacy site, and we'd build the new site in a way that offered the most flexibility for their on-site SEO activities.

In just a few short weeks the new site proved to be a powerful, next generation website which the search engines continued to love. With minimal effort beyond regular content updates and management, the new site is drawing in over 50% more unique visitors than the year prior. With a 17% increase in site visit duration, almost double the Page Views and a 2% decrease in Bounce Rate, these stats proved the site was soundly designed and structured and the transition plan was working as intended!

Through their newly redesigned website, Oldways can continue doing what they've always done best with better results; guiding people to good health through heritage!