Research, Strategy & Consulting

Website Design & Development

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1. Examine

Hunt and gather information. Ask questions, watch, learn and listen. Think like insiders and outsiders, take a look at your competition.

2. Strategize

Process and organize research. Develop a project plan that aligns with your business objectives and project goals.

3. Plan

Devise the core underlying framework for your website including: site architecture, user experience, navigation and content strategy.

4. Create

Thoughtfully create a design approach that is engaging, meets objectives, fulfills user desires and is technically feasible.

5. Implement

From front-end to back-end development, database creation to hardware set-up, CMS integration and custom development ... magic happens here!

6. Refine & Enhance

A good website is never finished. Analyze, teak and remodel. Ongoing measurement, evaluation and response enables continued success.

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